Does Virginia Sports Betting Prohibit Any March Madness Wagers?

Looking forward to picking your favorite Virginia teams in your March Madness brackets? After all, for many, it’s become a yearly ritual. But what about the sports betting market? Do the rules overseeing Virginia sports betting prohibit any March Madness wagers?

Unfortunately for anyone in Virginia looking to wager on the Men’s NCAA Tournament or the Women’s NCAA Tournament, there are restrictions. And they’re pretty restrictive in nature.

So if you’re in Virginia and want to bet on an in-state team, you’ll have to travel out of state to do so. The restrictions on college sports betting in Virginia apply equally to men’s and women’s programs.

Betting on any in-state team is prohibited within Virginia’s borders. You can bet on any college game involving two out-of-state teams, though, so you’re still able to place plenty of wagers on the two tournaments.

And while you can bet on games involving out-of-state programs, player prop bets are prohibited. You can wager on team props, but anything involving an individual player or players is against the state’s rules.

Virginia’s Restrictions On College Sports Betting Aren’t Unique

A number of states prohibit betting on in-state college programs. New Jersey and Washington D.C. take things a step further. If you’re in either of those locations, you can’t even wager on an in-state game if it’s played by two out-of-state teams.

That was a problem for New Jersey bettors in December. With the Army vs. Navy game taking place at the Meadowlands, bettors learned quickly that they couldn’t bet on any aspect of the game.

All told, in-state betting is prohibited in Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, South Dakota, Washington state, and Washington D.C.

Multiple states have restrictions on player prop bets involving college players. Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Mississippi, New York, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia. Player props are legal in Indiana if placed prior to the start of the game. You can’t place player prop bets via live betting in Indiana.

There’s a common theme for banning betting on in-state teams. College administrators are among those pointing out it can be uncomfortable for student-athletes to be sharing dorms and classrooms with those betting on their performances.

Virginia Fans Have Plenty Of Rooting Opportunities

Four Virginia schools made the 68-team field for the men’s tournament. On the women’s side, two of the state’s teams are embarking on March Madness.

On the men’s side, Virginia Tech is a No. 11 seed and will face No. 6 Texas. The Hokies are coming off a shocking run to the ACC Tournament title. Richmond, meanwhile, is a No. 12 seed and will face No. 5 Iowa. Richmond also stunned basketball fans with multiple upsets to win the Atlantic 10 Tournament title.

Longwood, a No. 14 seed, faces No. 3 Tennessee in the first round, while No. 16 Norfolk State faces No. 1 Baylor. Even if betting on Virginia teams was an option, the odds are against all four teams in the tournament.

On the women’s side, Virginia Tech goes up against Florida Gulf Coast in the first round as a No. 12 seed. Longwood, meanwhile, faces Mount St. Mary’s in a First Four contest simply to make it into the field of 64.

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